Sun Rising – The Power of the Stones

When I first saw notice of Erika’s solo show, I was sure it would be enlightening around the history of the work she undertook.

I had no idea that the individual pieces she created would be so powerful.  

I was fortunate to meet her at the gallery during a fairly quiet time and Erika spent a good bit of time with me, walking through the pieces from concept through creation.  It was a fabulous way to gain insight into how a true artist gives voice and image to her work.

The dazzling colours of the megalithic art interpretations brought many smiles as I remembered seeing stone carvings in situ throughout Ireland over the years.

The one piece that I stayed with me was Procession – the people, moving through the world.  Our world, their time. It stayed with me. And now hangs in my home, a treasured piece that I see as a touchstone to the past, made real by a true 21st century artist.

Erika’s approach to her work and her communication of the work with the public is appealing in its honesty and simplicity.

Karen F Finigan


Hey Erika how nice to hear from you.  I was telling of the view from  your studio just yesterday; the ocean, the vivid greens, sheep and sheepdog. Delightful!

Why we didn’t take a couple more pics of your interesting space I don’t know.
Megalith is in the stairwell as you go to the top floor. With Solstice hanging on the opposite wall.
D. Stevens, USA
Love the clarity of your style and the power of the colours!  I have my prints, Solistice Man and Equinox Woman hanging proudly in my sitting room reminding me of your ancient culture.
C.  Taylor, York